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Yinyang and the universe

Let's explore some basic concept about Yin and Yang.

Yinyang represents the relationship of relativity in the universe shown by a Tai-qi chart.  The black area is yin, which represents lunar energy, nightfall, the power of silence, and total rest of the human organs.  The white area is yang, which represents just the opposite of yin: sun, energy, and organ activity.  But notice the line that divides the two phases: the fact that it is curved means that yin and yang are interchangeable with each other, and there is no clear boundary between two.  Their flow of energy is checked and balanced. Harmony is maintained through the constant dialogue between yin and yang.  

Yinyang is the breath and life of the universe.  The human body can be seen as a mini universe in contrast to the larger universe containing the heavens and earth. When this concept is applied to the human body, yinyang epitomizes human emotion and is basically the ears and eyes, blood and energy flow of the human body.  When applied to nature, yinyang affects the sun and moon, wind and rain, four seasons, and even heaven and earth.  If yinyang is not balanced in nature, disasters occur; if yinyang is not balanced in our bodies, illnesses develop.   

When the sun rises, yang energy flows alongside human activities.  When the sun sets, yin energy grows and all human organs should be at rest.  Noontime is the peak yang presence in a day, but in the meantime yin is evolving.  This moment of yin and yang intersect is the best time to do a brief meditation to allow brain waves and the universe to connect.

In yinyang theory, the kidneys are the source of life, the fundamental organ in the human body.  The best time to nurture the kidneys during the day is between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. It is very important for men to avoid overcharging the kidneys during this period of time because the kidneys are considered a vital male sexual organ in traditional Chinese medicine.

When yin takes over for the day, people should rest and sleep.  In yinyang theory, the hours between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. are crucial for the liver and gallbladder.  They should be put to full rest.  Burning the midnight oil and high anxiety will block the blood circulation of the liver and gallbladder and as a result will create an adverse effect on the digestive system, blood building ability, as well as your natural detoxification process.

I sincerely welcome your comments and experiences about yinyang, how it affects your health and relationships. 

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